Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Song of Thanksgiving

So while the rest of mainstream America celebrates Thanksgiving with the traditional turkey and ALL the trimmings, our family has opted out of the custom. Why you may ask? Several reasons... 1-my dear sweet husband is a vegetarian-wannabe vegan, 2-our family is orthodox and we are in a time of fasting, 3-I'm a compulsive overeater and this day FEEDS (pun intended) into that, 4- we are quickly moving away from being a "traditional" American family, 5-I'm wanting to create a family life that celebrates "thanksgiving" every day!

Soooo... I've already begun looking at ways to keep the family focused on thanksgiving on a daily basis. One of my ways to incorporate this will be to begin posting "A Song of Thanksgiving" on Thursdays... beginning today of course. And my hope is to post very soon on my plan to keep "thanksgiving" happening during the Christmas season.

My Song of Thanksgiving...
1. For my God, who loves me and has given me this beautiful life on a daily basis (whether I am thankful for it on a daily basis or not).
2. For my dear sweet husband, who challenges me and who wants to show me on a daily basis that the "road less travelled" is usually the one worth following.
3. For princess, who teaches me WAY more about myself than I really want to know.
4. For rosebud, who has shown me how to be enthusiastic.
5. For stinkbug, who STILL likes to hold my hand and sit by me, even though he is 8.
6. For sugarcake, who keeps me younger than I should be while making me feel REAL old!
7. For Overeaters Anonymous, who has taught me what this disease does to me AND has also shown me what true thanksgiving is.

And my bonus verse...
8. For the Dallas Stars, who won last night....YEA!!!!

In love and recovery,

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