Thursday, September 17, 2009

Homeschool - The High School Edition

This year of homeschooling presents me with a new challenge.  My challenge... to homeschool a high schooler.  YIKES!  

We began by looking at a list of typical high school offerings from which Princess indicated her preferences.  Although her list has changed some since our initial meeting, here is what we ended up with for her freshman year...
Math - Pre-Algebra/Algebra using Singapore and Keys to Algebra  
P. E. - This credit will be met through ballet classes and a local co-op class
Science - Astronomy using mostly "living books" such as The Right Stuff, John Glenn, and A Brief History in Time (to name a few).  We will also use some texts, such as Apologia's Astronomy to supplement her studies.
Literature - World Literature using "living books" such as The Good Earth
The Poisonwood Bible,  and Night (to  name just a few).
Social Studies - World Geography using Geography Songs and the internet, she will be responsible for creating a notebook/lapbook of each country documenting the most important information of that country.
Social Studies - World History tied in nicely to World Geography and World Literature.  For this course, she will add to her notebook/lapbook of each country by documenting the countries' history timeline.
Foreign Language - Will either be Greek or Swedish... it's still a toss up at this point.  Hopefully she will decide by Monday which is when she will begin her foreign language study.
Elective - Fine Arts Study, not a "formal" class but will incorporate our study of artists, musical instruments, nature journaling, co-op, and a variety of other things we will be doing such as knitting.
Writing - Creative Writing will be the focus of study this year.  Princess should be able to demonstrate different styles of writing to express her knowledge gained in the "world studies" and astronomy.

While 9 credits does seem to be a zealous undertaking for a freshman, so much of it works nicely together.  We may postpone foreign language until next year but for now, we will give it all go.  Say lots of prayers for us!!!

In love and recovery,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


For those who know Sugar Cake in person, you will understand how truly priceless this is.

We have joined a homeschooling co-op this year which consists of an enrichment period followed by a physical education period.  During the first class of physical education, Sugar Cake's teacher discussed the importance of coordination, making sure eyes were working with hands, feet were working together, and so on.  For about 20 minutes, they discussed the importance of coordination.  At the end of the discussion, the teacher asked for examples of coordination, Sugar Cake is about to come apart she is raising her hand so high to be called upon.  The teacher, excited by my baby girl's eagerness, calls upon her and Sugar Cake explains "My shirt is coordinated with my shorts!"  ...Well, yes, of course!!!

In love, recovery, and laughter,

Monday, September 14, 2009

Many Years, Princess!!!

Our beautiful Princess is 15 today.  What a wonderful honor it is to be your "mama".  I love you more than life itself!!!  

Many blessings to you on this very special day.  And may your year be filled with blessings every single day.  Many years, dear one!

And a blessed feast day to all!

In love and recovery,