Monday, December 1, 2008


I've been busy working on my "Thanksgiving" project. It's not exactly as I want it yet but I'm almost there.

But first I want to share my plans for helping my children to keep "Thanksgiving" in Christmas. I've been busy finding ornaments for the kids to make. In fact, I've got one ornament planned every day from now until Christmas. 24 ornaments...yikes!... but before you head for the anti-anxiety medicine (or perhaps guess that maybe I've had too many of mine...LOL) let me share that most of these are very SIMPLE. Most need only a few items that I found at the dollar store. So where does "Thanksgiving" come in? As we create our ornaments, each of the kids will have to pick one thing to give thanks over and then explain why they are thankful for that particular person or thing. I want them to dig deeper than "I'm thankful for the trees." Then each ornament will be hung on a tree in their room. SIMPLE (some of you may not know that is one of my very favorite words).

Now, on to the project. I have created a second blog. For the next 365 evenings, I am going to post what each member of our family is thankful for and why. I'm hoping I can get the "old folks" to participate as well. I'm hoping there will be a difference in my family next December 1st that I will be... well... THANKFUL to see. Please join me and the family as we make 2009 the Year of Thanksgiving. Hope to see you over at the Thankful Project.

In love and recovery,

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