Monday, November 24, 2008

TIME to get real

Okay, I'm coming clean. The TIME for school post is just NOT me. Well, not what I'm wanting from this life, at least. Reading back over it (and thanks for your comment Pres. Kathy) I realize that it is just not realistic to get all of that done this week, nor does it lend itself to the rhythm that I'm seeking. It's basically a to do list. I'm always going to have a to do list but it is HOW I accomplish the to do list that I did not address and that is where I am wanting to find the rhythm.

So back to the drawing board. The time slots for school activities went well today and I definitely want to continue with that. It really seemed to give us a rhythm and although the kids really balked at first, by the end of the day, they did seem a bit more joyful knowing what to expect. I'm tossing the plan for the week in yesterday's post and instead I will focus on papers and finances until those are done... then I'll worry about what to tackle next on the HOME list. Just as with the SCHOOL week, I'm hoping that once that area is complete I'll be able to see where that component of my life fits into the rhythm.

So for now the rest of the house will just have to be as it is (sorry dear husband...LOL) until the papers are done. But I have a feeling this will all be worth it.

Blessings to you all!
In love and recovery,

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