Monday, November 17, 2008

Finding a Rhythm

As I've struggled with making sense of time and how to use it wisely or efficiently, I find that I'm moving toward wanting a RHYTHM. It makes sense, doesn't it? Our days have a rhythm and we can tap into that or fight against it. I've been fighting against it. Why... back to the drawing board... didn't really know about rhythm or how to create it, too much to do before I can even see a rhythm, distracting children,...hmmm, I bet you get the idea.

We've got 6 weeks left of the year. Eeewwww! But the good news is, I'm making my resolutions now so I can begin 2009 with a rhythm in place. I'm very encouraged and motivated. Wouldn't it be great to start the new year in a good place instead of feeling so behind on January 1? Will it be easy??? Heck NO, I'm already feeling exhausted and it's only Monday of the first week...LOL! But I can see this being good for me and for this family. What if our 4 little darlings were to learn this now? What if our little darlings found the rhythm to their days and got started now... they wouldn't have to deal with excess and not enough time. They wouldn't have to deal with the struggles of "time."

So where does this six week journey begin? Our Homeschool! I'm only 2 and a half years late in doing this... but hey, I know what it's like now... right? So this week will focus on organizing, planning, cleaning and creating the homeschool that all of us in this family dream of... Well within the confines of our home. Our homeschool is divide into two areas. The breakfast area is the heart of our homeschool. This is where the children keep their assignments and I keep planning materials and supplies. This is also where we do our table work. Our storage area is in the garage. That's where we keep last years books and activities and future books and activities. Monday's task consisted of moving everything out of the breakfast area into the den. A very thorough cleaning job was done and now the big furniture has been cleaned and moved back into the area. Okay so I would have loved to have gotten more done but this is where I stopped. I do have supper in the oven so that's a major difference between this week and all the weeks before.

The plan for Tuesday...
Do the supper thing again. Find all notebooks, books and activities that the children will be using for the rest of the school year. Put those away in the breakfast area. Update lesson plans and grading. Basically get that area complete. The rest of the week will be devoted to the storage items in the garage and making decisions on selling/donating items and/or organizing and documenting all the items we keep. I'm also hoping to get our library books organized and finding a rhythm to that process.

I'm feeling the "rhythm" already...LOL!

In love and recovery,


Louis Simpleton said...'re making me tired again.

Your plan sounds really good...finding a rhythm.

It sounds as if you all will benefit tremendously.

Good luck!

~ Louis

::Sylvia:: said...

Wow! Are you a motivational speaker because you've got me trying to organize my time more efficiently now! :)

ThereO said...

Oh are so sweet. No, I'm not a speaker... Just don't know where I would find the TIME...LOL!

Just sharing my desires, with the prayer that they encourage someone else as well.