Friday, May 29, 2009

First Fruits...

Okay, well, actually... FRUIT (  Princess celebrated the Ascension by picking her first strawberry.
Perfectly red... perfectly beautiful.
And perfectly tasty!!!

In love and recovery,

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garden Update

YEA!  We have tomatoes!!!  The only thing more exciting than seeing things growing in the garden is seeing the look on the kids' faces when they see things growing!  These two were found on Princess's tomato plant.
The potatoes in the picture above are in Stinkbug's plot.  And below is Rosebud's corn and watermelon looking so much bigger than last week.
Below is Sugarcake's pumpkin.  She has watermelon too but it is not quite as thick as Rosebud's.

Stinkbug's potatoes have gotten so tall we are going to have to add some boards to his plot so we can pile more dirt in.  They are only supposed to have about four inches of growth showing so we've got lots of dirt to get on those babies... and soon!
More weeding and watering to come.  Hopefully we can keep the ants at bay.

In love and recovery,

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Singing the Blues... that we are home from Memphis.  My darling husband took me on a mini-vacation to Memphis for my birthday.  Pretty sweet, huh?  Yep, I think so!!!
First stop...

Rendezvous...known far and wide for their BBQ ribs.  But just between you and me, if you are in the area, get an order (or 2) of the BBQ nachos and skip the ribs!
Our room was at the Peabody Hotel, known for the March of the Ducks.  At 10am these precious little ducks come down from their suite (yes, they have a suite at the hotel) on the elevator and walk the red carpet to the water fountain, where they hang out all day.  At 5pm, they march back to the elevator and up to the suite... sweet!
Probably my favorite tourist-y thing to do was the Sun Records/Studio tour.  Truly a step back in time.  For those of you not familiar with Sun, they first signed Elvis... and Johnny Cash... and Jerry Lee Lewis... and  LOTS more...
What an incredible learning experience.  I can see a field trip with the kids in tow in our future!  Towards the end of the tour, I felt my hip going and my knee shaking... no wonder!!! I was standing on the 'X' where Elvis stood in the recording studio... thank you, thank you very much!
And would any trip to Memphis be complete without a trip to Graceland?  Pictures were difficult because they don't allow flash.  This was probably my favorite room... the billards room.  
And in case you are wondering, that is fabric on the walls, and the ceiling, and the windows.  250 YARDS (yes, yards) of fabric.  I'm on the hunt now for a similar retro fabric to make some cute kid clothes.  Next up, "the Jungle Room."  Fun! Fun!
And a view from the front.
We also did the BBQ Cook-Off (don't bother), the Cotton Exchange Museum (a must, especially for homeschoolers), a Red Birds (minor league/farm team for the Cardinals) baseball game (very nice), a tour of the "arts district" (this was about 6 or 7 shops, about 5 of which were not open when we went... heehee), and several trips to Beale Street.

A wonderful trip!  A wonderful husband!  I am too blessed to "sing the blues."
In love and recovery,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Natural...

... at least that is what the owner and prima ballerina at the performing arts school says.  Of course, this mama couldn't be more proud!
Now... if my photography could do her justice we'd be set...

In love and recovery,

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fruits of our Labor

Okay, well, I'll be honest... God's the one doing all the work.  He's sent the rain, He's sent the sunshine, and so far He hasn't sent too many bugs or weeds... so this is how some of our plants are looking this week....         The first strawberry for Princess...

Corn stalks for Rosebud...

Stinkbug's potatoes are looking good...

And it looks like Sugarcake may get some pumpkin...
Most of our other plants are looking good also but these are the best looking of the plots so far.
May God continue to bless our garden and have mercy on us city dwellers that haven't done this before.

In love and recovery,

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Official...

... I'm a HOCKEY MOM!  Watch out Sarah Palin (heehee)
While 3 of my 4 kiddos have been taking hockey classes for a few months now, my Stinkbug has taken the next step and is playing on a team.  Tonight was their 4th game and it was a blast, especially since they won 8-3.  Go, baby, go!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Growing a Garden - Update

After our planting session last week, we ended up with some pepper plants and blue boys that did not have a home.  Today I cleaned out some pots and planted our left overs.  Below is a picture of our garden storage.  I'm not a big Walmart fan but I did manage to find this there for $4 and several pairs of garden shoes for $1 each.
Princess's garden plot...    eggplant, zucchini, strawberries, onions
Rosebud's garden plot...   okra, watermelon, corn, stevia
Stinkbug's garden plot...   potato, corn, tomato, carrots
Sugarcake's garden plot...  pumpkin, watermelon, tomato, beans
I can hardly believe it has been less than two weeks since we put these babies in the ground!  I'm amazed at the growth.  Today, we added dirt to each plot and watered.  I finally managed to stake the tomatoes plants purchased from our community garden... another Walmart purchase - bamboo sticks, a whole package of about 25 for $2.37.

Time for a shower  NOW!
In love and recovery,

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How a Garden Grows

In the middle of February, God graced our family with the opportunity to participate in a community garden.  We joined about 5 other homeschooling families in this project.  From the first moment, we were hooked.  We have had the opportunity to plant seeds and seedlings, pull weeds, water, feed worms, pull bugs off plants and a variety of other things.  As we approached spring, we decided to try our hand at raising a few vegetables ourselves.

We purchased some packages of seeds, some dirt and some starter containers.  Within a few weeks, our seeds had sprouted and we were ready to get them in the ground.

We constructed four plots.  Each child helped to construct their own plot... we did 3 sides and dad finished up the fourth side of each one.

Next came paper and then organic soil.  None of the kids seemed too excited when they found out what was in the soil... lol!

Within a few short days, the beds were built and filled with dirt.  And the planting began...

God blessed our garden with LOTS of rain... so much rain that we were beginning to wonder if our little garden might wash away.  Not only is the garden still in place, all of the rain seems to be just what it needed and our sprouts are lush and green.  We'll replace some of the washed away soil and my hope is to post a weekly update on "how our garden grows."

In love and recovery,