Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Agree

Yep, you heard it here first... I agree, Louis. In fact, I was thinking about it today as I was going about NOT doing what was on the list. After writing it down, it really sounds silly to try and accomplish THAT much. Especially with all the "day to day stuff" NOT written down. Soooo.... just like the food, I need to cut WAY back.

The plan for Friday....
HOPE - group school, organize, update lessons for all 4, library
HOME - return cabinet, find game cabinet, papers/mail
OTHER - get pictures developed, quilt baby blanket, the old folks

I would still like to cut the list a LOT more. In fact, here is what I am aiming for...
HOPE - group school, princess school, rosebud school, stinkbug school, sugarcake school, ONE THING
HOME - supper, laundry, ONE THING
OTHER - the old folks, ONE THING

So my goals for this weekend are to do some organizing of school, meals, and house so that I can begin my new "time diet" on Monday. Wish me luck!

In love and recovery,

1 comment:

Louis Simpleton said...


I like the 'one thing' idea...sounds much more reasonable.

I wish you 'good luck' on Monday.

Have a good weekend.