Friday, October 31, 2008


Okay, so Louis has been doing some pondering and so have I. My ponderings have to do with time. Lately I find myself frustrated by the lack of time to do things that I really want to do. So my question is... why? Doesn't everyone have 24 hours? Doesn't everyone have 7 days in a week? If this is so, then why does it seem that some are powerhouses for getting everything done?

Is it just me, or do some people always have a clean house? How come some people cook supper for their family every night? How come some folks are really dedicated in their homeschool schedule? How is it some people have the time to do things they enjoy? AND my biggest annoyance??? How come some people seem to be able to DO IT ALL?

So I'm pondering this and perhaps you can help... here are the reasons I've come up with so far (besides the obvious... they have fewer kids, they don't have parents living with them)...

1. I spend too much time on stuff that doesn't matter.
2. I'm still playing "catch up" from not really being that good at all this "life" stuff.
3. They have some secret I'm not aware of.
4. They don't do as many activities as we do.
5. They don't enjoy doing as many things/hobbies as I do.
6. They stay home more.
7. I have too much "down time."
8. I don't have enough "down time."
9. I don't get up early enough.

For awhile there, things seemed to really click. Now they aren't. Not that it was great when it was clicking... I still had a messy garage, I still had piles of papers to sort through... So, I'm putting this out there... what are other reasons you can think of??? I know I can't fix the problem if I don't know what the problem is... so for now, what are the reasons YOU struggle with time crunch? Or what do you think my reasons are?

To be continued...

In love and recovery,

Thursday, October 30, 2008


OMG! I did it! How about that picture in the header??? Well, I'm not ready for a career but I'm totally pumped about figuring this out. Now I just need to get all my pictures downloaded to the computer...LOL! Where are you, hubby???

In love and recovery,

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Ahhhh! I can say that now because "hell week" is over. No, I'm not in college but I do have 4 kids in way too many activities. This week/weekend was the play of our oldest (well, 4 performances of the play). We also wrapped up soccer, soccer, and football. Guess I'll have to update the sidebars again...LOL! My dad returned to the hospital this week and the variety of other things that occur in a week are wrapping up.

I had hoped this weekend to have a little bit of "mommy time" as we call it at our house. No such luck. No problem... just a set back on my chance to get my thoughts in order. As much as I want to live SIMPLE, it just isn't happening right now. And I need to think about that and figure out how I am going to turn this CHAOS of a life into a PEACEFUL existence... regardless of how many people are squeezed into our house right now.

So, I'll use my opportunity to blog for a little free thought... the first step is to recommit to the Overeaters Anonymous lifestyle. Strengthening my almost non-existent spiritual life. Committing my food plan to my sponsor each night. Delete those things in my day to day life which are keeping me from strengthening my almost non-existent spiritual life. Second step is to commit to my husband that we will follow our new homeschool schedule... and then do it. I say this bearing down on a week of complete unknowns, because I won't be able to determine when my dad is released from the hospital or if I will need to be there for any CT scans. But regardless, I guess the second step is not so much commitment to the schedule but commitment to the commitment to homeschool. Third step, perhaps, should be getting the house in order. I feel so out of sorts when the house is chaotic and that is definitely contributing to the chaos now. But where does that time come from??? Duh... the higher power... in my case, God.

Which I guess should clue me in on why things aren't clicking along in my life at this time... I'M trying to do too much, not giving it over to God to work it out for me. Oh yea, I pay great lip-service to the big guy... lots of thanksgiving, lots of SAYING "lead me day" just not allowing Him to do it. I guess saying it first thing in the morning isn't enough... perhaps I need to do that more often in the day. Perhaps that will be my game plan for Monday... well, if I remember... LOL! Going to bed... still trying to catch up on sleep after a night with dad at the hospital. Oh, and if God does a good job getting all my stuff done this week then perhaps next weekend I'll learn how to download those pictures... LOL!!!!

In love and recovery,

Thursday, October 23, 2008 makes me wonder

Well... it makes me laugh a little bit too. Trying to find ANYTHING to do so I wouldn't have to do the 9 million things I NEED to do, I decided to post to this little blog here. As you can see, things are fine now but when I went to write my post, I kept getting a message that blogger was down. What are the chances??? It's not like I'm blogging ALL the time!

School was a bust today. Some cleaning did get done but there is soooo much more to do. Haven't been to the grocery store either but a very dear friend is in town and came to visit. That was a very pleasant surprise amidst the chaos. Reminds me that way too much of my life is spent doing things that don't move me along MY path. But then I begin to ponder exactly what that means... because realistically, if you know me at all you know that I don't like to do laundry. It is just a drag... especially with a 5 year old that thinks changing clothes is an hourly event. But is the quality of my life better for not doing the laundry??? Hmmm... things take on a different perspective when I look at them that way. So perhaps living the life I want is more about doing things that improve the quality of my life, not just doing things that I enjoy.

I did a good job procrastinating... I'm very good at that by the way. So I guess perhaps I should go and improve the quality of my life some more. Or I could look at houses on the internet since it looks like the "old folks" will be here LOTS longer, or I could read some blogs, or I could call my dear husband, or I could work on the puzzle, or I could....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Okay, all the sidebars have been updated.
The "old folks" should be heading back to their home in less than a week.
Perhaps I'll be able to post more often than every 6 months :-)
And one of the days I'm gonna learn to post pictures.

In love and recovery,