Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Time... again!

I must say, I have a very exciting post planned. But I just can't post it until I have figured out how to download my pictures to the computer. DARN!!! Guess, I'll have to post on time... again!

It occurred to me this afternoon that using the tools of OA has really helped bring about a huge change in which foods I eat. The number one tool I use is turning in a food plan to my sponsor. So, I'm going to turn in a "time plan" to my blog. Not sure if it will work out the same way but I hope to find that by giving myself a sense of my day on the night before that I will be able to use my time in a more efficient way.

So what's on the agenda for tomorrow...
HOPE (our homeschool) - group school, Princess school, Rosebud school, History book list, History craft list, some organization
HOME - papers/mail, laundry, put cabinet together
OTHER - sew and quilt baby blanket, Ipods, Digital camera, visit the "old folks," a family time field trip

Okay... we'll see what happens.

In love and recovery,

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