Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rhythm Song - Week 3

It has not escaped my noticing that the third week of moving towards a rhythm has begun.  I've been occupied with the NEW project but I'm still plugging away at this one.  This week's focus is some parenting issues that I need to get in place. 

I have definitely not succeeded this past two weeks as I had hoped.  I still have some things to do before the homeschool list is complete.  And, let's just say, in regards to the house stuff... ewww, not enough time in a year to get that one!  So I will keep moving on with my weeks but still try to wrap those up as well.

I know many things have not been accomplished because, well, there are just too many things to be done... LOL!!!!  But I've really been struggling these past few weeks with depression as well, and let's face it, who wants to do something(or anything, for that matter) when it takes every ounce of energy to get a diet dr. pepper?  I have realized however, that I have the desire to get things done, just not the physical initiative to get going.  My OA program is lacking, my spiritual fire has fizzled, my joy and peace are non-existent.  So now what?  So now I pray and I ask God to show me how to find that joy and peace.  I hear Him already but do I want to obey? And what if disobedience just leads to more depression... probably shouldn't go that route.

Oh, I just hate it when God wants me to spend less time on the computer...LOL!  But, yep, that's what I hear.  Darn!  And improve my emotional connections with the kids... geez, how convenient... on parent week  :-)  And of course, God wouldn't forget HBD - perhaps I should listen more and talk less?  And I definitely know he wants me to find some quiet time.... HELLO?  Do you know what time of year this is, God?  Do you know what my to do list looks like???  Hmmm, yep, You probably do... on all accounts.

If I honestly listen, it really sounds like God wants me to listen to the music before I try to set a rhythm.  May the songs of your life bring you joy this week.

In love and recovery,

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Pres. Kathy said...

May God bless you always. I know how you feel - I have been there many times. Just pray and this will pass.