Monday, December 8, 2008

This is my brain... on overdrive!

The good news... my online time has decreased.  The bad news... it still needs to decrease a lot more.

The good news... without being online so much, my brain has had time to think about things.  The bad news... now my brain is on overdrive thinking about too many things... LOL!

So since this is MY blog, I'm going to use a little piece of it to share what is now clogging up my brain cells (those who are squeamish may want to look away NOW...LOL!)

Thankful Project - This is a project I started because I desire a family focused on Thanksgiving (the act not the holiday).  It's a nifty little idea and I can see a big difference after only a week.  My thoughts are here wondering if I'm going to be able to do this another 358 days!  I know, I know one day at a time.

S.I.M.P.L.E. - Another blog???  I know... why have 2 when I can have 3???  Actually, I've had this brain child spinning around in my head for about a year now.  I just decided to get it out there and see what happens.  It's hiding out in my brain right now because even though I've started it, I can't quite decide what I want to do with it now... LOL!

The Homeschool - I've got so many plans but that seems as far as they get.  Putting it into action has just not been my strength.  So how do I move from the great plans I have to activity?  Hmmm, that's what I've been wondering too!

The House - There is a phrase in Overeater's Anonymous... "ACTING AS IF."  Friday after I posted about my depression, I decided to try it and "act as if" I was in a cleaning mood.  Surprisingly, it worked!!!  Okay, I'm not done, but this weekend was amazingly productive.  In fact, I'm really stunned at how wonderful the kitchen looks... one of my major trouble spots.  Of course, I still have much to do and hence, more brain clog.

The Kids - Well, I'm a mom, they are always on my mind.  Four kids, four times the brain traffic... need I say more???

The Husband - My dear husband has many things on his mind, therefore, I do too.

ME - Oh gosh, where do I begin???  I'm really wanting to get into digital photography and digital scrapbooking.  I want to learn languages.  I want to read.  I want to play hockey (okay, that one even throws me for a loop... might actually be a good blog topic).  I want to play the piano.  I want to travel.  I want to write.  I want to start cooking nutritious meals for my family (I really do, dear husband).  I need to make use of the tools of Overeater's Anonymous and get rid of the weight that is keeping me unhealthy.  I want to spend time on the hobbies I already enjoy... knitting, crochet, quilting, sewing, smocking, scrapbooking, cross-stitch, music and singing, crafting, painting, I guess the list goes on and on.  And some new hobbies... the digital photography and scrapbooking, play station games, bread baking, green products, Russian history, lots of computer stuff (programming and blogging and design, oh my!), and it seems that list is ever-growing as well.  And the two biggies on my list (for those of you that didn't doze off by now), I desperately want to start a business of some sort that I can do while I continue to homeschool yet raise enough money to put us in a position so we can do missionary work.  Whew!

The Church (God) - This one is pretty much covered in the mission work...LOL!  I want to hold those babies in the orphanages in Romania.  I can't think about it too much because it just breaks my heart but every time I see a baby, I think of those sweet, unheld babies in orphanages around the world.  I want to hold them.  I want to let them know that they are not alone, that God loves them and will always be there for them even when we humans fail them.  I want to teach our children the blessing of loving those that others have abandoned.  I am very fortunate to be part of the community of saints known as the Orthodox Church... I want to not only teach my children the blessing of being an Orthodox Christian but to share that blessing with others.

Oh, did I also mention that I've got Christmas and travel plans and gifts on the brain.  Wait, it may have exploded!!!  Nope, I think it's just EMPTY now that I've gotten it all out on the blog  

In love and recovery,


Pres. Kathy said...

Our brains are always filled with a thousand things. Once we start writing it down, it is amazing. I think it helps us organize ourselves better. You touched me when you wrote about your children and the Orthodox Church. God Bless!

Tara said...

Wow...we have a lot in common...1000's of things on the brain!! :O) It feels good to write it down.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your sweet and kind words. I really appreciate you taking the time to share those feelings with me. ♥