Friday, October 31, 2008


Okay, so Louis has been doing some pondering and so have I. My ponderings have to do with time. Lately I find myself frustrated by the lack of time to do things that I really want to do. So my question is... why? Doesn't everyone have 24 hours? Doesn't everyone have 7 days in a week? If this is so, then why does it seem that some are powerhouses for getting everything done?

Is it just me, or do some people always have a clean house? How come some people cook supper for their family every night? How come some folks are really dedicated in their homeschool schedule? How is it some people have the time to do things they enjoy? AND my biggest annoyance??? How come some people seem to be able to DO IT ALL?

So I'm pondering this and perhaps you can help... here are the reasons I've come up with so far (besides the obvious... they have fewer kids, they don't have parents living with them)...

1. I spend too much time on stuff that doesn't matter.
2. I'm still playing "catch up" from not really being that good at all this "life" stuff.
3. They have some secret I'm not aware of.
4. They don't do as many activities as we do.
5. They don't enjoy doing as many things/hobbies as I do.
6. They stay home more.
7. I have too much "down time."
8. I don't have enough "down time."
9. I don't get up early enough.

For awhile there, things seemed to really click. Now they aren't. Not that it was great when it was clicking... I still had a messy garage, I still had piles of papers to sort through... So, I'm putting this out there... what are other reasons you can think of??? I know I can't fix the problem if I don't know what the problem is... so for now, what are the reasons YOU struggle with time crunch? Or what do you think my reasons are?

To be continued...

In love and recovery,

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