Sunday, October 26, 2008


Ahhhh! I can say that now because "hell week" is over. No, I'm not in college but I do have 4 kids in way too many activities. This week/weekend was the play of our oldest (well, 4 performances of the play). We also wrapped up soccer, soccer, and football. Guess I'll have to update the sidebars again...LOL! My dad returned to the hospital this week and the variety of other things that occur in a week are wrapping up.

I had hoped this weekend to have a little bit of "mommy time" as we call it at our house. No such luck. No problem... just a set back on my chance to get my thoughts in order. As much as I want to live SIMPLE, it just isn't happening right now. And I need to think about that and figure out how I am going to turn this CHAOS of a life into a PEACEFUL existence... regardless of how many people are squeezed into our house right now.

So, I'll use my opportunity to blog for a little free thought... the first step is to recommit to the Overeaters Anonymous lifestyle. Strengthening my almost non-existent spiritual life. Committing my food plan to my sponsor each night. Delete those things in my day to day life which are keeping me from strengthening my almost non-existent spiritual life. Second step is to commit to my husband that we will follow our new homeschool schedule... and then do it. I say this bearing down on a week of complete unknowns, because I won't be able to determine when my dad is released from the hospital or if I will need to be there for any CT scans. But regardless, I guess the second step is not so much commitment to the schedule but commitment to the commitment to homeschool. Third step, perhaps, should be getting the house in order. I feel so out of sorts when the house is chaotic and that is definitely contributing to the chaos now. But where does that time come from??? Duh... the higher power... in my case, God.

Which I guess should clue me in on why things aren't clicking along in my life at this time... I'M trying to do too much, not giving it over to God to work it out for me. Oh yea, I pay great lip-service to the big guy... lots of thanksgiving, lots of SAYING "lead me day" just not allowing Him to do it. I guess saying it first thing in the morning isn't enough... perhaps I need to do that more often in the day. Perhaps that will be my game plan for Monday... well, if I remember... LOL! Going to bed... still trying to catch up on sleep after a night with dad at the hospital. Oh, and if God does a good job getting all my stuff done this week then perhaps next weekend I'll learn how to download those pictures... LOL!!!!

In love and recovery,

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