Thursday, October 23, 2008 makes me wonder

Well... it makes me laugh a little bit too. Trying to find ANYTHING to do so I wouldn't have to do the 9 million things I NEED to do, I decided to post to this little blog here. As you can see, things are fine now but when I went to write my post, I kept getting a message that blogger was down. What are the chances??? It's not like I'm blogging ALL the time!

School was a bust today. Some cleaning did get done but there is soooo much more to do. Haven't been to the grocery store either but a very dear friend is in town and came to visit. That was a very pleasant surprise amidst the chaos. Reminds me that way too much of my life is spent doing things that don't move me along MY path. But then I begin to ponder exactly what that means... because realistically, if you know me at all you know that I don't like to do laundry. It is just a drag... especially with a 5 year old that thinks changing clothes is an hourly event. But is the quality of my life better for not doing the laundry??? Hmmm... things take on a different perspective when I look at them that way. So perhaps living the life I want is more about doing things that improve the quality of my life, not just doing things that I enjoy.

I did a good job procrastinating... I'm very good at that by the way. So I guess perhaps I should go and improve the quality of my life some more. Or I could look at houses on the internet since it looks like the "old folks" will be here LOTS longer, or I could read some blogs, or I could call my dear husband, or I could work on the puzzle, or I could....

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