Saturday, March 20, 2010

Updated Core Curriculum

As mentioned in my previous post, there has been some serious overhaul to our homeschool. I've begun with updating the core curriculum.

Previously, we were working on Word Study by Singapore for our vocabulary. As much as I liked the layout and activities, it really did not provide enough background (word lists) for individualized work. I often found that I didn't have enough information to complete the assignments. We dropped Word Study and have switched to Wordly Wise 3000. At the beginning of each lesson, students are given a list of words with the definitions. What follows are several activities to practice the vocabulary words. Very traditional workbook format...we don't do much that has the traditional workbook format so I don't mind having this one. Additionally, we will use the word lists as our weekly spelling test.

While I love the intensity of Singapore Math, I have had to admit that it is not a good fit for all my children. While some will continue with Singapore, others will switch to Teaching Textbooks. Both Rosebud and Stinkbug are excited about the idea of doing math on the computer. Hopefully this will be a good switch for both of them.

I was recently introduced to Tapestry of Grace. There are many things to like about Tapestry of Grace. First of all, there are four levels which correspond quite well to the four children in the household. It incorporates history, literature, and fine arts with a strong emphasis on gaining knowledge through living books. We attempted the first 3 weeks with a free trial and all seemed to enjoy the format. It's also been nice that although each student is on a different level, they are all covering the same topic so they have been able to share with each other and engage in activities together.

Handwriting Without Tears is our handwriting curriculum. Although we have been using this all along, I failed to add this to the blog list. While updating, I figured it would be best to go ahead and add this one in.

Writing with Ease is a new addition to our writing curriculum. Although we were using Understanding Writing, it just was not working for our family...a great curriculum just not right for us. I am hoping Writing with Ease will be a better fit. Writing with Ease is from the authors of the Well Trained Mind. It looks very simple to use and I'm hoping to get it started this week.

That completes our core curriculum. Very soon I will be updating the weekly curriculum as well as our high school studies.



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DebD said...

I hope TOG works out well for your family. I've never heard of Writing with Ease before.