Monday, March 15, 2010

Daybook 3-15-10

Outside my window... the sun is shining, there are birds singing, I can see garden plots which need to be cleaned.

I am listening to... a few precious moments of silence, even the birds are quiet at the moment.

I am wearing... my favorite night gown, slippers, and a denim jacket (I'm still a bit chilly from taking the dog

I am thankful for... my children getting to play hockey at the American Airlines Center...what an incredible opportunity for them and quite a thrill for their mama too.

I am pondering...the necessity of daylight savings time.

I am reading... I, Alex Cross (the latest James Patterson book).

From the kitchen... not much, although I am ready to try some vegan recipes from Alicia Silverst*ne's cookbook. And the younger crew and I will be trying a vegan chocolate chip cake.

I am creating... a baby gift that might be done in time for her first birthday.

From the school room... weekly plans have been revised. Our schooling now looks nothing like our schooling from September. Post coming soon on our revised plans.

Towards beauty in the home... plans to donate our fish tank and paint our master bathroom this week.

The domestic church... I've been enjoying reading the Psalter with Orthodox Mom's group and I'm looking forward to a presanctified liturgy later this week.

I am hoping and praying... that a large project my mom has been working on goes smoothly.

In the garden... there is much to do. Each child's plot needs to be cleaned out and seeds need to be started. We also need to get some color in our front yard for curb appeal.

One of my favorite things... a shirt Stinkbug bought me on Sunday, I may never take it off!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week... watch some hockey, look at houses with our realtor, visit with friends who are on spring break, continue with our homeschool revisions, finish updates to our master bathroom and update this poor, tired blog.

A picture thought I'm sharing...

I never tire of seeing pictures of my daddy!!!

Thanks to mary at evlogia for the daybook idea.




DebD said...

Wow, selling your house. That is a lot of stress. Are you moving far away? My homeschool looks nothing like it did in Sept. either. Enjoy the simple pleasures this week. I hope you'll share the chocolate chip cake recipe with us.

Anonymous said...

I heard about the Robidas shirt. Stinkbug is a sweet boy. :)