Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Book Review - The Power of Less

WOW!  Probably one of the best words I can use to describe this book.  As you might have noticed from my previous reviews... I'm pretty picky... lol!  But I have to say I learned an incredible amount from this book.  The author lives what he suggests and gave a lot of insight in just a few pages.  The premise of the book is to live a more powerful life by doing less.  Yes, you heard me correctly... by DOING LESS.  I've already put some of his suggestions into practice and have been amazed at the things that have occurred in our household.

There is peace and simplicity in his ideas.  And you know I'm ALL about SIMPLE.  Now, his book is written to the professional but I found at least 95% of what he wrote being applicable to a stay at home mom.  I think as moms at home, we have special challenges, but really, how different is an emergency diaper change from an interruption from the boss???  (I've had diaper blow outs and they are much less stress than an angry boss!)  Of course, there are some things he suggests that I really don't want to do (get up earlier...yuck!) but as with everything (thank you OA) I'm learning that there is a choice to make.  Hmmm... I guess I'll have to let you know about MY decision in my next post... don't you just love cliffhangers ;-)

So, my recommendation... if you are looking to live a life of peace and simplicity, and be more efficient while doing it, read this book.  I saw it at our library (our tiny library) so if you have a library in your community, they probably have it.  

In love and recovery,

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Pres. Kathy said...

Thanks - I am going to put it on my reading list.