Monday, February 16, 2009

Book Review - The Associate

Okay, I really have been doing things besides reading... LOL!  Since my other favorite author, John Grisham, released a book recently, I was anxious to read it.  My mother likes to read him as well, so I was aiming to finish so that I could leave it with her when I went for a visit.  

I did complete it and I must say... it was a huge disappointment.  It didn't flow.  It had exciting parts but for the most part it seemed that he had 5 different story ideas and tried to incorporate them into one story.  There was a love interest but it didn't fit with the story line.  The friendships didn't fit.  The end was a disappointment.  I was totally bummed!

As much as I enjoy his books, I'm afraid it is time for him to either retire or at least take a break for awhile and recharge.  Sorry, Mr. Grisham, this one did not meet "the bar."

In love and recovery,


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry it was so dissapointed , it looked good .

Louis Simpleton said...

Bummer...sorry to hear it was a disppointment...good luck with your next read.