Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Book Review - The Tale of Despereaux

We finally finished the book.  It was a very sweet story.
We saw the movie.  It was okay... not as good as the book of course.

The author uses some beautiful imagery.  She weaves a beautiful tale but by jumping back and forth amongst the characters, it made it much more difficult for the children to follow (I thought...LOL).  

Princess - I thought it was adventurous and not just boring.  It had funny characters as well.
Rosebud - I like how she developed the characters.  I liked how she wrote the book because it was easy for me to understand.
Stinkbug - I liked it because it was really interesting, there was lots of different stuff in the movie from the book, and I liked all the characters because they were really good.
Sugarcake - My favorite was Princess Pea because she was really, really nice and she wasn't rude to anyone.  But there were things in the movie that weren't in the book.

In love and recovery,

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