Sunday, November 4, 2007

Simple Ain't that Easy

Not really sure how else to say it....SIMPLE, well, it's not really SIMPLE. I never realized how much work goes into being SIMPLE!!! I don't guess it's really that difficult, just hard to break old habits and replace with new ones. But that is the work of any change, right?

So far, simplification has greatly improved our living conditions. One-third of the house has received its makeover and what a tremendous difference it has made. I can see all of our moods improving. And I actually feel like cooking in the kitchen...LOL! It is just the whole process of simplifying that is not quite that easy. It's a LOT of work. But for now, FOCUS is the key word. The other thing I've had to come to terms with is what is under my control. As hard as it is for me to admit, I cannot do it all......gasp!!! So in simplifying our living areas, I've had to put things on the list for dh and realize that those things are not my responsibility. Believe me, I have plenty of things to concern myself about so why I have felt for all these years it is necessary for me to carry the burden of everyone else's concerns I don't guess I will ever understand. But for now I need to focus on leaving other people to take care of their responsibilities and for me to take care of MY responsibilities.

Things are slowly coming around for homeschooling as well. I have a set of Ray's Arithmetic and McGuffey Readers. Tomorrow we begin those in the hopes of simplifying our education process. I am also reading a book that I wonder if it was written just for me. It is called Easy Homeschooling Techniques and it is just amazing how parallel it is to what I have been thinking and wanting for our life.

I will check back in when I've got a few days of homeschooling under my belt and a few more chapters of the book read :-)

For now....
In Christ,

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