Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Simply simple

Things have not been going very well lately. My dad has been sick and this week he went for a follow-up procedure. He actually cried on the phone with me...that's huge. He's depressed.....I'm depressed.....uuuggghh. Considering that dh lost his dad just a little over a year ago, he's not really in a postition to deal, if you know what I mean. Even before my dad got sick we were considering a move to their town and made some serious attempts to do so, but to no avail. Then things got kind of weird with my parents because of some of their health decisions and dh decided that was the last place we needed to be. So you might say I've been riding the roller coaster on that one. Of course, I'd still love to move close to my folks. Then a few days ago dh rides my case because I want to buy something for the house and that's not necessary because we need to move anyway??????WHAT?????? Now he's talking about moving there again????? Oh geez! We are all totally on edge. The kids are wiggin out because they have no idea what to expect. They stay up way too late and have way too much time on their hands.

So after taking a breather today and thinking about things I realized this life has become WAY too complicated and that is not what God asks of it??? Nope, according to Jesus, it is REAL God, love your neighbor. Okay, well we can apply that to everything else as we began our SIMPLE life. Two choices for breakfast, two choices for lunch, two choices for supper. SIMPLE. The new flooring needs to be finished and then each room receives a SIMPLE make-over. Declutter extreme! For the kids, that means a week's worth of clothing and a handful (or less) of toys. For me, that means a week's worth of clothing and a FEW books (e-gads!!!! maybe this isn't such a good idea afterall...LOL!). For homeschooling that means math and reading. Perhaps we will add back a few things as we get better at this but for now....SIMPLE! LOL! The kids are already tired of hearing me say it. Of course, it also means that instead of giving them a lengthy speech about stuff, they get a SIMPLE "you should/n't do this because x." It also means they are told ONE far so good....we'll see when it has been in practice a full 24 hours....LOL!

But for now, our definition of life and it's approach is, well, SIMPLE, really!
Simply in Christ,

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