Sunday, August 9, 2009

Homeschool - The Weekly Curriculum Edition

Our schedule is set and we've reviewed the core (daily) curricula. Our weekly studies will be done once a week following our core studies.

Here is what we will be doing on a weekly basis...

Monday - History... Story of the World (4) We will read one chapter, complete one activity
and there will be a selection of additional reading from which the kids can
choose one to read later in the day.
Physical Education... Although the credits for this subject will be met through the
physical activities (ballet, hockey, etc) we will also study the rules for a
different sport each month and we will be learning an exercise a week (for
example - sit ups, jumping jacks, and such).
Grammar... our main spine for grammar will be First Language Lessons (3). We will
complete one lesson each week. Additionally, the kids will be responsible
for one lesson a week in their Grammar Practice work books. We also have
games that we will add to the agenda this year.

Tuesday - Physics... Christian Kids Explore Physics. We will complete one lesson each week.
We also have a physics lab kit that we will complete.
Geography... for geography, we will focus on countries and where they exist on the
earth. Using Geography Songs as our main resource, we will add in books and games to each country.
Computer... we will also be learning about computers and programming. Since I
know absolutely nothing we will all be learning to together. The main

Wednesday - Nature... for this topic we will be using Nature in a Nutshell, which consists of 10 minute nature activities.  We will also be using the Christian Liberty Nature Readers.  Each will be assigned a reading passage in the appropriate level reader which will then be narrated.
Logic... Each week we will do one lesson in The Fallacy Detective.  

Thursday - Art... we do not have a specific curriculum for art although we will be using "What Makes a _____ a ______" as a spine.  Each month we will look at an artist's work, read about the artist, complete a lapbook about the artist and color/paint a replica of the artist's work.
Citizenship... although our previous studies have focused on characteristics of good citizens, I purchased  "Citizenship Activities" which is full of activities about voting, elections, and other citizenship responsibilities.

Friday - Music... This year's music curriculum is one I have made for studying muscial instruments.  We will look at a different instrument each week, listening to a recording of that instrument.
Life Skills... Each month we will focus on a different life skill.  Some things we will be learning include - knitting, finances, cooking, sewing, woodworking, auto upkeep (I do have one that will be learning to drive next year...YIKES!!!), gardening and home maintenance.  Obviously, we won't be able to cover any of these topics in depth but my hope is that they will learn enough to spark their interests in these areas.  

That wraps up our weekly topics.  Next homeschool post will focus on the plans for my HIGH SCHOOLER!!!  YIKES X3!!!

In love and recovery,

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