Monday, June 8, 2009

The Week in Review

What an exciting, CRAZY week this was!!!

Along with the usual this week...
- I had a doctor's appointment... just a check up and everything was good.
- Princess auditioned for the ballet company and made it.
- Stinkbug had a hockey game Saturday (June 6) and scored his first goal.

And looking ahead...
Sugarcake has a name day on Monday (June 8)... St. Melania pray for us!
Sugarcake and Stinkbug have Vacation Bible School - and Rosebud is a helper.
Princess begins ballet camp.
Rosebud begins violin lessons.
Princess has several babysitting jobs.
Stinkbug has another hockey game.
The newspaper is doing a piece on the community garden.
My dad is having a procedure done on Monday morning and a doctor's appointment on Tuesday.

I guess that's it besides the usual... LOL!

Of course, it would be nice if a dear friend would have her baby on June 8, especially since that is MY guess.

In love and recovery,


Anonymous said...

Yes, I wish your friend would have her baby today too. ;)

Many Years, Melania!

Michelle M. said...

You certainly have a lot going on :) Enjoy your week!